Sunday, November 07, 2010

Found: Bosnian Tooth Fairy

This week Nenad, Isaac's friend from school, lost his first tooth. He got ten marks from the tooth fairy.

I was surprised. Surprised by the amount of money the tooth fairy dropped on his pillow--just over 7 US dollars. The tooth fairy who visits our home likes coins. Small coins. (Of course, Nenad's mom is a dentist, so maybe this is professional courtesy.)

I was even more surprised, however, that the tooth fairy made an appearance at all as I had recently been informed that there is no tooth fairy in Bosnia.

I asked Nenad's dad what was up. Is there a tooth fairy in Bosnia or not? He told me that there is, indeed, a Bosnian tooth fairy, but she does not visit Muslim children.

Who knew that there were religious implications to the tooth fairy?

(Incidentally, every dentist office here, it seems, has a tooth as its sign. Here are a couple of dentist signs we pass on our day-to-day errands.)


Andy said...

Seven US dollars!? Do not let the word get out. Here we're settling for ONE dollar. And an abundance of glitter!

Annette said...

My lips are sealed.