Saturday, October 23, 2010

Missing: Bosnian tooth fairy

My expert on all things Bosnian is Adina. I met her at Isaac's school when she was picking up her cousin, who is in Isaac's class. We discovered we have much in common: during the war she lived very near where we were living in California and she's currently a law student where David teaches. She also speaks impeccable English and is good at explaining stuff to me.

Today she mentioned to me that her cousin had lost a tooth. I used my best Bosnian to tell the cousin, "Congratulations!" The little girl looked very confused. Had I used the wrong word?

"Nobody makes a big deal about losing a tooth here," Adina explained.

"No Bosnian tooth fairy?" I asked.

Adina laughed. "No!"

Isaac is planning to start a rumor among his classmates that if they leave their teeth under their pillows they'll get money. I'm just wondering who has been creeping into Isaac's room during the dead of night to slip Bosnian coins under his pillow.

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