Friday, February 25, 2011

Volim te.

Eleanor's resourceful, creative teachers put together a Valentine's Day program for parents a few days after the holiday. This was a thinking-outside-the-box event because Valentine's Day is not a major holiday in Bosnia, especially not among children.

But her teachers crafted a great program for kids this age. They gave every family a copy of a book about ways to show love to your child, and they let us all write love notes to our children on huge hearts that are now displayed in the library.

The centerpiece of the program, as with every other Bosnian school program I've gone to, was recitations. There were group recitations, including one where each child held up a letter to spell out "Ljubav," or "love."

A few of the kids put on a charming skit (the boy was diagnosed as being in love).

And to our surprise and delight, Eleanor recited a poem on her own (well, her teacher helped her with the last two lines). We were too busy admiring her to take any photos of her reciting, but this is the poem:
Danas je ponedjeljak . Volim te. (Today is Monday. I love you.)
Danas je utorak . Volim te. (Today is Tuesday. I love you.)
Danas je srijeda . Volim te. (Today is Wednesday. I love you.)
Danas je cetvrtak . Volim te. (Today is Thursday. I love you.)
Danas je petak . Volim te. (Today is Friday. I love you.)
Danas je subota . Volim te. (Today is Saturday. I love you.)
Tata mi je rekao da ne mora da radi nedeljom. (Daddy told me not to work on Sundays.) 
A nedelju ja volim najvise. (And Sunday I love the most.)


ZfromMostar said...

Tata me je rekao nedjeljom se ne radi vise. (Daddy told me he doesn't have to work on Sunday.)
A nedjeljom ja volim najvise. (And I love Sunday best of all.)
Small correction, if you don't mind:
Tata mi je rekao da ne mora da radi nedeljom.
A nedelju ja volim najvise.

Cute blog. Came across it when researching homeschool opportunities in Bosnia. I'm glad you seem to enjoy living there.

Annette said...

Thank you! That makes a lot more sense. I'll change it on the post. I hope your Bosnian home-schooling adventures are happy!

Heatherlady said...

That is really sweet! It is so neat that Eleanor is getting such an amazing opportunity.