Monday, November 15, 2010

Put it all together, and what does that spell?

Next week is Kurban Bajram, a national holiday which commemorates the story of Abraham and and his son.

Isaac's school put on a great Bajram program. Every grade (up through the equivalent of 8th grade) participated. There was a combo with a clarinet and an accordion.

There were many, many choral poetry readings--all very polished and well-performed (obviously something Bosnian education values).

Not too many songs, but there was the token Christmas song (kind of like the token Hannukah song in our US schools' programs). They sang "O Christmas Tree." Maybe the ballerina was a reference to "The Nutcracker"?

There were a couple of dance numbers including an impressively-complicated folk dance done in national costume.

But sweetest of all was the youngest group, Isaac's class. They did a

recitation of an acrostic poem spelling out "Bosna i Herzegovina." Isaac was the "N" in Herzegovina. He's been working for weeks on his line:

Nigdje sunce ni grije kao ovdje. (Nowhere does the sun warm like it warms here.)

He was pretty grumpy when he was first assigned the line. "It's not even true! Florida's way warmer than here."

But he beamed when he finished delivering it during the program.

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