Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Somewhere to live

We had thought we might live in the same place we did in 2002, the apartment just upstairs from our dear friend Fatima. We telephoned before we left the US, and she assured us that, yes, of course, we could stay there.

But when we arrived, we discovered that the apartment was full of her daughter's and grand-daughters' belongings. They had moved out so we would have somewhere to stay!

Aghast, we moved into a hostel. Fatima was distraught to not be offering us the hospitality she wanted to. But she also seemed relieved.

It turned out to be a stressful house hunt, involving realtors who didn't return phone calls, a slightly creepy hostel, a house with bucking floors, and a sleepless night in which I convinced myself that no adequate house existed in the entire city within our price range.

But then, after Isaac's heartfelt family prayer and David's diligent google searches, we found a beautiful home that was available immediately. Within twenty-four hours, we were unpacking, enjoying our beautiful views, and settling in to our home for the next year.

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Erin K said...

Beautiful! We will be there next week for a vacation! (kidding if only we could!)

The boys were SO excited to see pics of Issac and Eleanor.