Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Travelling with stuff

Our family in 2002 when we left Sarajevo to move to Bucharest, Romania, with our stuff.

Our family in 2010 when we arrived at the Zagreb Airport, enroute to Sarajevo, with our stuff.

Travelling abroad has forced us to think hard about what stuff is worth dragging along and what isn't. Living close to the bone, we've found both that there are a lot things we don't miss and also that there are some things we miss a lot. We always drag along a lot of books (will e-readers change that?) and small games--cards, dice, Scrabble and Boggle cubes. Extra socks, fewer shoes. This year we brought Lego and dolls, too.

And even though we feel like we're packing light for a year, it still seems like a lot of stuff when our friend Fatima helps us load it all into her rental van for the drive to Sarajevo.

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Laura said...

It's wonderful to have you back! (Blogging, that is.) I loved reading about your adventures in Khartoum and look forward to reading about your time in Sarajevo! Your family is an inspiration.
Warmest wishes,
Laura, a stranger in Texas