Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ping and the Wise-eyed Boat

Eleanor picked The Story of Ping (by Marjorie Flack) when we were last at the library. She's still a little young for it, but Isaac has seized upon it as his favorite library book of the week. The first time I read it to him it was more fun to look at him than at the Caldecott-winning illustrations: he gasped, his eyes went wide, he grabbed my arm, and, at the happy ending, gave a contented sigh and snuggled into me, a peaceful smile on his face. Since then, he has had me read it to him over and over, he has read it to his siblings (when he reads it, the title is "Ping and the Wise-eyed Boat"), and we have acted it out. Not bad for a book that's 74 years old this year.

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Nate said...

Yep, even though some things are old, they still work (like those pesky phones with cords).