Friday, March 30, 2007

Curious George, your days are numbered

I finally found the first Curious George book and gleefully checked it out so Isaac could have some context for all those miserable Curious George sequel books he was obsessed with in Sudan. We got to the climax of the story, the page where Curious George has dialed the fire department's number and they have responded and burst into the room, realizing the call was false. Curious George tries to escape by running out the window but gets tangled in the phone cord and the firefighters grab him. Isaac examined the picture for a while and then pointed at the telephone. "What's that?" he asked. The child, I realized, has never seen a phone with a cord.


Anonymous said...

We are getting old. Dial phones are probably as archaic to your kids as phones with a crank were to us.


Coleen said...

When you come to our house this summer, you'll have to show the kids our old phone. It has a cord and a dial! We keep it in our garage so we can answer calls while we're working outside and all dirty. It was never a concern to us that the kids/neighbors might use it to call long distance--because they didn't know how to dial it.