Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Swedish Easter witches

I always pick up the supermarket's free magazine--gorgeous glossy photos to look at, recipes that specify ingredients I can actually buy here, and a fairly easy level of Dutch to read. This month they interviewed a Swedish woman who now lives here in Holland about the Swedish Easter traditions she misses. When I read this to David, he figured that my powers of invention outweigh my skill in Dutch, but I swear this is a good translation from the article:

"There is an old legend that around Easter witches fly on their broomsticks to a secret place where they meet with the devil. And so on the Thursday before Easter all the children dress up as little Easter witches and they go door to door with decorated boxes. They wish people happy Easter and in return everybody gives them candy."

So pull out those witch costumes. It's Easter!

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Nate said...


Pretty interesting. You can show this to David to add evidence to your translating abilities. It is a Finish stamp with an Easter witch.