Saturday, June 25, 2011


She turned six today, and yesterday she learned to ride a bike!

David (who is good at stuff like this) bought her a cheap bike from the French version of Craig's List and she has been trying to ride it since Monday. Mostly David has run along with her, holding onto her bike seat, but today he was at the office, and she wanted to take her bike to the park.

I offered to hold on and run beside her, but she didn't want my help, so I sat on the lawn with my computer and worked on a manuscript I'm editing. Then I happened to glance up, and she was riding her bike past me.

Almost all the photos I snapped are of her back. She rushes by so fast. Kind of like where we are in life--I'll mostly be running along behind her from now on, admiring the fantastic places she's going and shouting encouragement, marveling at her competence and verve.

Happy birthday six year old!


Sonya Hoener said...

That was her first solo bike ride?!? I had no idea when I saw you at the park yesterday - she looked so comfortable (and was going so fast!) Happy birthday Eleanor!

Dan said...

Tell her happy birthday from us.