Monday, June 27, 2011

Ratatouille, un-Disneyfied

The most famous chef in Lyon is Paul Bocuse.

He has three stars from Michelin and a very famous restaurant in Lyon and there is even a prize for the world's best chefs named after him.

He also has, in Lyon, two fast food restaurants.

His famous restaurant is beyond our family's budget, but we ate at Ouest Express, his fast food eatery--quand la cuisine se fait rapide. It was a sleek, chic space on a terrace. The food was more expensive than American fast food, but only slightly more than French fast food, and it was really good.

We loved the presentation--the crusty roll that came with the salad, and the tiny bottle--a real bottle!--of dressing.

I'm not sure whether this is Bocuse selling out, but our family enjoyed our tiny brush with fine dining.

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