Monday, June 13, 2011

Riddle me

On a long car drive, Emma Lucy read aloud a book Aunt Joanne gave us for Christmas, Luka and the Fire of Life, by Salman Rushdie. It was delightful! Funny, inventive, absorbing.

The protagonist has to duel an adversary with riddles. The scene captured Isaac's imagination, and he has become fascinated by making up riddles. He stands with his legs a little apart, his hands behind his back, makes his voice as deep as possible, and tries to stump us all with his latest creation. We have heard many, many, many riddles recently. Here, winnowed from the torrent, are some of his best:

I'm graceful but fierce. Who am I? (Hint: directly inspired by the inhabitants of the local park, Jardin Lecoq.)

When it's light I'm dark. When it's darkest I'm gone. What am I?

The rest of us have gotten into the spirit of it, too. Here's David's best one:

It's best not to have me, but if you do have me, you'd better not lose me.

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Answers: A swan, a shadow, temper.

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