Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The National Pastime?

There was a petanque tournament here last week. Petanque originated in southern France, so I guess if baseball is as American as apple pie, petanque must be as French as pain au chocolat.

As we neared the playing fields (is that what they call them?), Isaac said, "This looks like a sport for grandpas!" But such character-filled grandpas!

No grandpas around here (though Eleanor has been commenting often on David's silvering hair), but we're having fun with a minor league boule set in the hallway outside our room.

And we've worked out a system where we almost never hit students' doors with the balls anymore!

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Nathan said...

I think the Basques will take umbrage at your article. When I was in Spain, it was always said that it was a basque game, not French, even though the spaniards claimed it for their own...