Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medieval Fest

One of the good things about settling into a place when you're abroad is that you end up doing things that might not have risen to the top of your list in a more ambitious tourist experience. Our town, Clermont-Ferrand, had a weeklong medieval fair in the medieval part of town, so one day we bicycled up there to check it out.

We were amazed by the buildings (though they're there year-round), the costumes, the fun, and the price (free!).

Chivalrous knights let our kids try on their armor.

And enjoy their tents at the jousting yard.

We had thought the jousting re-enactment would be the highlight of the day, but it turned out we loved everything else even more--a tiny petting area, presided over by a teenaged swineherd in medieval garb, the performers on the street, the retro-fitted playground.

And this game? Completely addictive. Someone with a jigsaw should definitely make one for the family reunion circuit.

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