Sunday, February 20, 2011

Al-Tahrir and Us

Five years ago the kids and I were stuck for several weeks in Cairo waiting for visas to Sudan. We had our favorite kushari restaurant and ate mango ice cream every day from Al-Abd. On one surreal day we went to the post office to mail back some sewing patterns I had borrowed from my sister. We entered a huge institutional-looking government building that our guide book said held the post office. We wandered up and down corridors lined with small offices where men sat on chairs and smoked. One of them would occasionally stick his head out the door and point a direction for us to go. Eventually we mailed the patterns (I have never dared ask her if they arrived; I fear not). This picture is from the square in front of that building.

Ruth recognized the square when she saw it on the news. (Associated Press image) Al-Tahrir.

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