Saturday, September 25, 2010

Advertising to the rescue

The Honey Festival came to town! Beekeepers set up booths in the park in the center of town and sold honey and all things herbal (teas, soaps, and, um, herbs).

We bought a couple of jars of honey and, in an impetuous moment, a wooden honey dipper.

When we got home, we realized the honey dipper would be a problem if we couldn't keep it in the honey jar...just imagine all that honey dripping onto the counter. Aaargh!

If we could somehow drill a hole in the middle of the lid, we could just store the dipper in the honey jar. But we have no tools here. What to do?

Luckily David remembered a Bic pen commercial he watched when he was a boy. This one is from the same series.

So we found a Bic pen, and David punched it through the honey lid. The pen still writes, and our honey dipper is happily living in the honey jar.

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Dan said...

I remember one when they fired it through a piece of wood with a rifle and what was left of the pen still wrote. And that was such a great idea and memory.