Sunday, March 18, 2007

West, my the East coast

Because we don't think we've moved enough in the past nine months, we've decided to move yet again. In June. To Jacksonville, Florida. David will teach law school and we'll do all the normal American things like buy a house and a car and go to public schools. Ruth will qualify for a medal--her fourth high school in fifteen months. At least she can learn to drive.

We do not look forward to the move itself or to having to say goodbye to Holland, but the prospect of living in Florida and having Dad around is pleasing.


RosieReader said...

Annette (And Dave),

Congratulaitons on the new job. The United States will be glad to have the Pimentels in residence again, though some of us would have preferred you to find a Seattle job!


Rosemary D.

Aisha said...

I'm excited that you guys are going to be closer.


Coleen said...

It's a good start. Keep coming closer. We'd love to have you somewhere within a two-hour drive! I'll bet Joanne is thrilled.

Annette said...

We'll be five and half hours away from Joanne, not two. But we're happy to be at least that close!