Friday, February 16, 2007

Riding around in Holland

Isaac has been attending the peuterspeelzaal across the street. Pretty much all two and three year old Dutch kids attend a neighborhood nursery school for a morning or an afternoon a few days a week (each parent decides how often). He loves it, especially the autos (pronounced ow-toes in Dutch)--the riding toys. There are cars and fire trucks you sit on and push with your feet, lots and lots of tricycles that you pedal, a couple of scooters, and--the piece de resistance--a bicycle with training wheels. This appears to be a favorite item, especially among the three year olds. I've never seen a bicycle before at a preschool but, hey, this is Holland!

Yesterday Isaac had an American friend over. "Hey! Let's play autos (pronounced in the Dutch way)!"

The poor girl was utterly confounded. "What? What do you want to play?"

"Autos! Autos! We have two of them in the backyard."

"Ow-toes?" she asked, visibly perplexed.

"Yeah! Come on!"


Alicia said...

Isaac the polyglot. I think in my mind I'll always be "Ant" and Nathan will be "Sssss."

CuracaoChick said...

Aw. Priceless.
I want to see you and your little siblings, and your bigger siblings, and your mommy and daddy.


Anonymous said...

Annette and Ruth, I am giving an exam now, so I am using a classroom computer, where I don't have my email. Engineering State starts June 11. Information is at I hope Ruth can attend. I would love to sponsor her. Let me know. Hopefully we can get Anna and Josh also.

I was just reading the New York Times about the courts recent decision on the Srebrenica massacre. I am confused, was that David's court, or the world court.

Hope you are all doing well.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nudge. Nudge. Post. (Post.)