Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ruth makes an appearance! (after many frustrating technical difficulties)

A major downside to this move was having to leave my beloved school in Khartoum. When we lived in the Netherlands before moving to the Sudan, I went to International School of the Hague (ISH), which is government-sponsored and follows the UK's educational systems. Its facilities (when I was there, anyway) were kind of grungy, but it was a good place to be. About half an hour away, though, is the American School of the Hague, which is not government-sponsored, and is (to quote... myself) "waaaay expensive." ASH, as it is known, is huge and beautiful and shiny. It has SmartBoards instead of whiteboards, color-coded hallways, card-operated lockers, and even Spirit Week, for heaven's sake. (I've never before gone to a school that had Spirit Week. Or cheerleaders, for that matter.) ISH kids always thought of ASH kids as spoiled and stuck-up.
Now that we're back in the Netherlands, guess my new school.
The major advantage that ASH has over ISH, I have found out, is its library. ASH's library is amazing! Meaning it has lots of new books, all the Newbery and Printz winners, themed displays, graphic novels, and modern-looking but very comfy chairs. On my first day, I came in and asked the librarian if I could get American Born Chinese, since it had just won the Printz award. She was impressed... (Thank you, librarian bloggers here and here and here and here! I owe you!)The librarian is pretty much my best friend by now. Especially because she owns the Archie McPhee Librarian Action Figure and Jane Austen Action Figure.


Nate said...

Ruth-Glad to see you back. I guess the take home point is that sometimes shiny things are cool like librarians (and their action figures), Jane Austen (action figures and otherwise; yes I've succumbed- how vexing), and maybe even cheerleaders (which often are only action figures) ;-)

Annette said...

from ruth, not annette:

nate, are you staying up all hours of the night with a screaming baby? you have confused me...