Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not ungentle, but how thoroughly departmental

One morning this week while I was teaching Ed and Ruth seminary, a fly kept bugging me. A sluggish, weak fly. So I swatted it with my hand. It crumpled up on the ground, dead. Since I was busy teaching, I left the carcass on the rug. A couple of minutes later, the fly started staggering along the rug. I couldn't believe it! A Lazarus fly? I didn't want it to pester me again, though, so I flicked at it, and as it tumbled to the floor the two ants carrying it from underneath scurried away.

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Nathan said...

I want to hear "The Circle of Life" song in the background when I read that story. It reminds me of a classic science movie that we watched in Environmental biology about the critical and amazing life the dung beetle plays in Africa (titled, enticingly enough, "The wonderful world of dung")