Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Life at KAS

KAS - Kids Are Smart. The 'creative' title of the map I made of the campus of our school, as requested by the Social Studies teacher. Every day at KAS is different then the one before. Schedules are changed, classes are switched, and teachers are late, early, or forget they have a class at all. To counter this inconsistency, there are some things which are always the same. For example, the P.E. teacher is always late for class. He is funny, nice, (though he always pretends he's the meanest P.E. teacher alive) and very Australian.
The Social Studies teacher is nice enough, if a bit harsh when it comes to homework. Social Studies is one of the classes where you feel obligated to get everything right. The Social Studies teacher is friendly despite this, interacts well with his students, and has a tattoo. (The major point of middle school gossip.)
My Science teacher also teaches homeroom. He is a very good teacher, though in homeroom, which we call advisory, it can be said that nobody is particularly interested in telling him their problems.
The math teacher's been very good at recognizing individual students' needs, and helping them with them. He also takes us for what we call 'exploratory'. Normally each teacher would pick something they want to teach as an extra class and the students would choose which class they wanted to go in, but since the French teacher decided her class was too big for her to teach effectively, the 7th grade schedule was fiddled around with, so now we play basketball or chess with the math teacher during exploratory hours.
Madame, the French teacher is strict and expects perfection, but is actually a very good French teacher. I do not particularly enjoy French, but I learn a lot in it.
The art teacher is very effective. In his class I never feel like I have to get everything right. He is very flexible and very supportive
My favorite class of all is Language Arts. We have the superintendent's son for that. His class consists of reading assigned books, writing assigned pieces, and also reading and writing free choice. I have never been able to immerse myself in literature as well as I have with the LA teacher.
And then there's the students. One class a grade, fifteen students a class on average. I have been impressed by how much the boys and girl interact with each other. Girls are more willing to lend their erasers to boys, and boys are more willing to sit by a girl then in any other school I have been in. KAS is a good and interesting school, and probably has one of the best staffs and most fun set of students I have ever seen.


Coleen said...

I'm glad you are enjoying school. A small class of fifteen would be refreshing for anyone in Utah. Hayden is in Junior High this year and has at least thirty classmates in each of his classes. I'm with you--I don't particularly enjoy French either. It sounds cool when others speak it, but Spanish is much easier for me to grasp. Although I confess, I can't speak either of them well. I have been taking a Sign Language class and have been enjoying it a lot.

CuracaoChick said...

You PE teacher sounds like Mr Wright (you didn't have him, but he taught PE for the upper school). Sounds like school is good!