Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ice castles

We made giant ice cubes (some with colored water) in milk cartons and water bottles and then built castles on the front balcony. Cool fun for a hot day.


Nathan said...

Those are the coolest ice cubes I've ever seen. At our next party, we will try the colored water ice. Alicia says I have to make some friends first. Sigh. Way to go Isaac.

Coleen said...

I agree with Nate. They are the coolest ice cubes I've seen. How did you ever come up with such a creative idea for children's play? I'm always so impressed with your skills at creating something fun out of the ordinary. I must have been a very boring mother.

Annette said...

The large-ice-cubes-as-blocks idea came straight from a book by Bev Bos, Beyond the Basics. She has wonderful pre-schooler ideas.

I've seen you with your kids and don't think you were a boring mom at all!