Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swimming pool

Clermont-Ferrand has a great municipal swimming pool just two blocks from where we live. There's an Olympic-sized pool for laps, a recreational pool, a baby pool, and even a serpentine water slide. It's taken some work to actually swim there, though. The first day we tried, the pool was closed for a strike.

The next time we went, David and Edward were stopped from getting into the pool at water's edge because they were wearing men's style swimsuits--the only kind I've ever seen men or boys wear in the US. In France, men and boys have to wear maillot style suits--skimpy little Speedo-style suits.

David decided he just won't be swimming in France, but we bought a French style suit for Isaac. Emma Lucy has made him promise to never wear it in the US.

Next time maybe we'll get through an entire visit to the pool without being informed we're breaking a rule!

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