Saturday, June 04, 2011

Doors and windows

On the walk to the grocery store (only two blocks--hurrah!)...

"Our Joy"

I'm dying to actually use this door knocker--wish I knew the people who live here!

Almost all the houses have these metal shutters (and the lace curtains behind them). If I walk to the store at the right time, I can see housewives opening them for the day.


g said...

We lived in the South of France when I was little and I visited again about 15 years ago. I remember loving the area (easy to do when you visit in May, right?). The shutters and lace curtains definitely evoke a certain charm of savoring life's little pleasures instead of blazing right past them, like we Americans are accustomed to doing.

Nathan said...

It actually reminds me a lot of Spain as well, even down to the knocker (yep, i've knocked with one of them)