Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy International Workers' Day!

While Americans are going about their business as usual, most of the world--including Bosnia--has the day off. It's May Day!

Here in Sarajevo, it's an official holiday both today and tomorrow since May 1 fell on the weekend. Banks and many stores are closed. The streets are quiet. It's a day for picnics, sunshine, and hanging out with friends.

Only a few vendors are selling today at Markale, the downtown produce market.
The normally traffic-clogged thoroughfare along the river.
 Happy May Day!


g said...

It's funny how Americans see the novelty in quiet cities. I remember Sundays in Norway (mission) were quiet because shops were closed and streets were mostly void of traffic. I loved it. Most big and suburban cities in America don't see that--holidays are for more shopping. International Workers' Day seems to have been well-honored there. Enjoy the peace.

Nathan said...

I was on OB call on May Day; it seemed an especially auspicious day to be in labor, even if most of the moms-to-be weren't really in peace...