Friday, May 06, 2011

Fizzy fun

When we travel, we love to cruise grocery store aisles looking for unfamiliar soda pops and cookies.

And we buy them.

Isaac suggested we buy Cokta when he saw it on the grocery shelf. It's a favorite of one of his school friends.

We had a big debate over whether Cokta is trying to act like Coke or not with its red label. It doesn't taste like Coke, anyway. David thought it tasted exactly like chinotto, a soda he used to drink in Italy.

A few days after we first tried it, a new advertising campaign went up all around town. Good thing we tried it when we did. I'm not sure I would have been inclined to taste it after seeing these ads. Maybe for the hardcore Twilight fan...

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Nathan said...

We can get San Pellegrino Chinotto here in Salem. I really like it. Alicia and the girls don't. It is kind of a bitter orange taste. I'm jealous, though I wouldn't have associated it with vampires...