Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cooking the Pantry

The end of our stay in Bosnia is nearing (sniff), and we're getting ready for more European adventures. I've been cleaning out my drafts folder as well as our apartment. I wrote this at the end of October and was waiting to post it until I had a photo. We did indeed eat Mujadra all winter, and I apparently never did take a photo of it. Image source.  

The thing about shopping European style--daily or nearly daily--is that I run out of food, especially produce, pretty regularly. It's not a big problem since we live close to the produce market, but often dinnertime is approaching and I don't want to head out to shop, so I find myself cooking the pantry.

The day it snowed, we all wanted something warm that wouldn't require yet another trip out into the snow.


Absolutely to die for. The girls at the table all liked it with feta cheese and roasted vegetables stirred in. The boy at the table was a purist and kept things separate.

I think we will be eating this a lot this winter.


Aisha said...

My family LOVES this dish! We get it at a Mediterranean restaurant in Durham called International Delights, run by an Afghani family. They call it emjaddrah. Naomi and my mom can't get enough! If you have a recipe we'd love to have it :)

Annette said...

Aisha--I used the recipe on I'm not sure how to link to it in the comments, but you can go to the search engine on the right side of the Orangette page and type in "mujadara"--it will be the first link.
There's also a recipe on the site where I took the photo, but I've never tried that one.