Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Do all seven year old boys like to collect things? Isaac is collecting coins, rocks, and Nerf guns. He's been working on his times table for our homeschool math, but he didn't get excited about it until he discovered online multiplication games that allowed him to print a certificate every time he won the game. He printed out so many certificates that we finally suggested he set a goal of how many certificates to earn, and we promised him a big celebration when he succeeded. Here he is on our celebration day with all the certificates he earned.

A couple of days later I walked into the room and found him printing out another certificate. "Didn't you finish that up?" I asked him.

"Those were multiplication certificates," he told me. "This is fractions."

I think we'll just buy another ink cartridge for the printer.

Isaac's favorite online multiplication games are here and here and here and here. I love this use of computer technology--can't think of a better way to do rote memorization. We're always glad to get more suggestions of great (free) online math games.


Nathan said...

Your kids seem to collect good grades, accolades, and well-deserved praise. When I was little, I collected Dad's boarding passes. I still have them, though I don't know what to do with them...

Annette said...

You have Dad's boarding passes?!?!
I'm not sure what you should do with them either, but don't you dare get rid of them without consulting everyone. I had no idea they were still around. Wow!
Maybe we can lay you down on the floor and spread the boarding passes around you and take a photo of you in the middle of them. :)