Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I didn't even know anyone made these anymore

This is the current front window display of a posh stationery store on Ferhadija, the main shopping street in Sarajevo.

A NEW manual typewriter?!?

I have a guest post up on Women in the Scriptures about our family's weekly evening together.


ZfromMostar said...

I'm not surprised because Bosnia is everything other than efficient. I have a uncle thats a Radiologist in Sarajevo ( he mostly does ultrasounds). He shares his exam room with a typist that has a similar kind of typewriter. So instead of recording the exam findings and just giving her the tape at the end of the day she sits on all the exams and listens in on private conversations between doctor and a pt while wating for my uncle to dictate the findings. HORRIBLE!

Dan said...

I grew up fixing typewriters. You didn't happen to notice the manufacturers name did you?