Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We'd love to have you for dinner.

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 A man walks down the street holding a lobster. 
"What you doing?" his friend asks. 
"I'm going to have the lobster for lunch." 
The lobster pipes up, "No thanks. I've already eaten.
This joke does not work in Bosnian because you use one preposition, za, if something is going to be lunch and a different preposition, na, if someone (or something) is joining you for lunch.

Prepositions are hard for us to remember and get right. We convulse our tutor in laughter as we tell her, in Bosnian, about having guests za dinner.

I only wish, when we were having guests na dinner, that we were in Phoenix and could get dessert from  the bakery where our niece works. 


Annette said...

(Once again I accidentally deleted instead of publishing this comment. It's actually from Nate. So here it is cut-and-pasted from my email until I figure out where blogger hides the ones I delete. Sorry, Nate.)

Next time we are in Phoenix, we will go and let you know how it is.

ZfromMostar said...

Ahhhhh, i'll trade you lobster for burek or krompiraca (meat or potato pie made with phyllo dough ) or one of those smoked ham deli cuts. Eating is still good in Bosnia. I miss it a lot.

Annette said...

Amen. Food in Bosnia--bliss.