Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Signs of spring

As I write this, we have just had four days of snow. But there are signs of spring.

That bright yellow flower that appeared with the first snow? I found out it is mimosa and grows in southern Bosnia (otherwise known as Herzegovina, as in the name of the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Montenegro. Sidewalk vendors are still selling mimosa, but other flowers are appearing with it, too--even daffodils one day.

Local tomatoes are making fleeting appearances at the produce market. They have to be grown in greenhouses, I'm sure, but still! (Apparently, we ate all of the ones I bought before I snapped a photo. They were a luscious reminder of summer.)

And last of all, vendors have set up on the sidewalks to sell pussy willows! When I bought mine, I asked what they're called in Bosnian: mace (pronounced mah-tsay), which means kittens!

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