Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pennywhistles in Kosovo

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When we first moved to Sarajevo, we heard about an American woman, also a Mormon, who, like us, was here in the former Yugoslavia without being with the military. She was in Kosovo, we heard, on some quixotic venture to teach refugee children to play the pennywhistle.

Well now, nine years later, she's still there, and her music program operates in Uganda and Northern Ireland as well as in Kosovo. I had the great fun of interviewing her for the Mormon Women Project. I invite you to visit that site and read my newly-posted interview with a remarkable woman, Liz Shropshire.



Nathan said...

Great article! What a fascinating woman - I'll bet it was great to interview her. My only disappointment is that they don't have you listed as an interview producer yet.

Annette said...

Thanks, Nathan! I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

My contributor bio is not yet up but you can see where they tried to add it and messed up the formatting of another contributor's bio. I think all will be fixed in a day or so. Thanks for looking for it. :)

Dan said...

This woman is doing the lord's work and will be truly blessed. The interview was great. I loved reading it.

Annette said...

Glad you enjoyed the interview, Dan.