Monday, February 07, 2011

Mt. Bjelasnica

Mt. Bjelasnica is beautiful. The beginner runs are great--interesting enough that beginners (like me!) don't get bored doing them over and over again. There aren't as many advanced runs as David might have liked, but he was patient.

I'd meant to get lots of photos but everyone--including Eleanor!--zipped past me so fast that I had to abandon that idea.

The second afternoon we were there, a cloud settled on the top of the mountain. Skiing through it was strange and magical--it muffled sounds and you could see only a few meters ahead of you. Emma Lucy emerged out of the cloud with her hair frosted like a hair salon could only hope to achieve.


Ariel said...

The snow looks nice and fluffy. A friend here invited me to go up Mt. Baldy, our local ski area. Luckily, we just went up for a lunch break since it's close. When we got to the parking lot and looked up at the lift, there was no snow to be seen anywhere. There were cars in the lot and people dressed in warm clothing, but no snow. The lift was running. I still haven't figured out if there is a place to ski. I am glad you are getting to play in the snow.

Annette said...

The snow was actually icy by the afternoon, but still snowable. I hope Mt. Baldy gets some snow.

At Bjelasnica there were some people riding the lift DOWN the mountain too--always teenage girls in hijabs.