Friday, February 11, 2011

Does he look like Harry Potter?

As part of our residency requirements, we had to get medical checks. Isaac failed his eye test (not a complete surprise; his four older siblings all got glasses pretty close to this age).

He loves his glasses and loves that colors seem brighter when he wears them.

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David said...

At least Harry Potter had a full set of teeth. This pic brings to mind the children's song in Holland (where Isaac was born):

Ik bijt in een koekje en hoep-se-kee,
Er valt weer een tand in mijn kopje thee!
Wij lachen en roepen, "wat staat dat gek,
Je mond lijkt precies op een fietsen-rek!"

Rough translation:
I bite into a cookie and whoops!
There's another tooth in my cup of tea.
We laugh and cry, "That's crazy!
Your mouth looks just like a bike-rack!"