Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spinach for breakfast

I suspect the rest of the world already figured this out while I was doing something else. Spinach for breakfast!

I tried some different recipes online and eventually came up with a green smoothie we like: 1 c. pineapple juice, 1 c. pineapple, 1 frozen banana (the banana didn't make it into the photo), 2 c. packed spinach leaves. Puree with the hand blender David gave me for Christmas (oh, how I've missed our hand blender...).

Christened: Popeye Punch.

Which goes well with the Bosnian Popeye videos we've been watching to work on our language. So maybe it's actually Popaj Punch.

1 comment:

Nate said...

Alicia makes fruit smoothies with Popaj juice all the time. They are great!