Sunday, December 12, 2010


You can buy Mexican food in Sarajevo! This is new. So new that they had to hire someone to dress up and stand next to the shelves so people would know what it was,

Of course, you have to go to the big fancy grocery store to get this high-priced Mexican food. The big fancy grocery store is way too far away or us to walk.  And we are definitely not going to spend a large portion of our food budget on Mexican food that may not even taste that great. So we haven't had Mexican food in three months.

But yesterday I had a big batch of cooked pinto beans in my fridge and I decided it would be perfect for refried beans. So I made some salsa--not such a stretch since I've done that before.

I also found a great recipe for flour tortillas--something I've never before made.

They were really good and turned out to be simple to make. Maybe next time I'll even make them half whole wheat.

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