Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nuts, dried beans, and...

There are lots of narrow little almond stores in Sarajevo. I knew they sold almonds, of course, and I've seen displays with red lentils and other dried beans in their windows. But I had no idea until David took us into one this weekend that while one half of the store looks like a health food store with bins of dried beans and every variety of lentils you can think of and different colors of sesame seeds and stuff like that, the other side of the store is Willy Wonka's showroom.

So, of course, we bought dried garbanzos and candy.

We thought the candy would be peppermint. The green ones taste kind of like toothpaste. The other ones, as the store clerk warned us, are just sweet. No added flavor. But they're really pretty and make us think of Christmas.

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