Friday, November 19, 2010

On the way home from school

Every mosque has a fountain in front of it. Before the advent of indoor plumbing, this is where Sarajevans got their water (many of the fountains still burbling away are so old that they were around then!). During the war, when water was hard to come by, some Sarajevans went back to getting water this way.

These days the fountains don't provide household water, but they're perfect for getting a drink while walking home from school.


Nathan said...

I hope they are potable!

Annette said...

It is wonderful water, Nathan. In fact, Sarajevo's drinking water (and that's the water that comes from all the taps at mosques) is something we all used to sit around and reminisce about. Really.

Right now we're especially aware of the great water quality because all of the flooding in Bosnia has threatened the water supply and we are drinking just bottled water until these rainstorms stop. :(