Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Florida, but still...

The beach! The real reason we wanted to go to Montenegro. Thousands of Europeans crowd this beach every summer, but we pretty much had it to ourselves in November.

Every time I go to the Adriatic coast, I'm stunned by the colors. The sea is a greenish-silver. And the rocks, all tossed smooth, are a range of

colors--white to pink to carmine to teal to orange to palest green. I wish I knew

more about geology so I could understand what made so many gorgeous rock colors all end up in one spot. This particular beach also had lots of pieces of floor and roof tiles, their broken corners all wave-smoothed, that had washed up with the rocks.

So we built!

And buried!

And even swam a little bit (in very cold water--November is not August!).

It did our Florida hearts good.

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