Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a Small World...

We were going to get to meet David's brother's son's wife's friend here in Bosnia, where she and her family were living as expats, but they ended up leaving shortly before we arrived. She kindly, however, left her blog, The Skimpy Pantry, online, where we get great recipes that she made here with Bosnia-available ingredients.

We had her borscht for dinner. In a variation that would not have pleased many Bosnians but that our vegetarian teenager appreciated, we made it with vegetable broth and no beef. Everyone loved it. Thanks, Felicia!

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Felicia said...

You don't know how flattered I am! I'm so sad we missed each other in Sarajevo, but maybe when your family comes back to the States we can meet up on the East Coast. Enjoy the borscht!