Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! It's been a fun day for us, though I'm not sure that Sam (who was planning on 'going in' with someone for a present since he's so far away) knew what he ended up getting Mom. Anyway, Isaac said our family prayer tonight, and was prompted by Dad to say we are thankful for our mother. After completing half of the prayer he paused, and then said "please bless us that mother's day will be over soon." Oh, dear.


Aisha said...

Oops! Hah. That's so cute. Whenever I think of Isaac, I picture our nextdoor neighbor, Zach, instead. He's 2, but big for his age. I need to see Isaac, and meet Eleanor, soon so I can picture them when I hear stories!!!


Lucy said...

I'd post a picture but our blog doesn't feel like posting pictures these days. :(