Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're in Holland now, heading to the US for Christmas, but we have some leftover Sudan posts that we'll be putting up in the next couple of weeks.

We've been talking about what's going to seem different in the First World. "Buying fruits and vegetables inside," said Lucy immediately.

"Oh, yeah," agreed Ruth.

"And no flies on them," said Lucy. "It will seem unnatural."

"Yeah," agreed Ruth. "I'll be thinking, ''WHAT have they done to the fruit and vegetables?""


CuracaoChick said...

especially buying them in holland, where they exceptionally gorgeous...

Nathan said...

Welcome back to the Western World. Sorry about no flies on fruit.

Anonymous said...

Where are you at the moment? Can you send us a contact number or something?
Georgia and Vasu

Anonymous said...

Where are you? Can you give us a number or address that we can contact you at? We have created a blog, if you're interested....we only did that to be able to contact you!

Georgia and Vasu (and Sharara, although she did nothing)
a.k.a gvsfriends