Sunday, December 03, 2006


One of the really wonderful spots in Khartoum is Ozone, a bakery/patisserie/gelateria that is perched in the center of a major roundabout. Its ice cream and pastries are fine but the real attraction is the garden--a lovely tree and flower filled circle that is kept scrupulously clean. No sign of the omnipresent Khartoum dust here, and nibbling at a chocolate croissant while you sit under the shade of the neem tree, you tend not to notice the city buses and taxis and rickshaws and SUVs roaring past belching exhaust. In hot weather, they turn on misters, an outdoor air-conditioning system that makes the hot weather bearable and even pleasant. Now that the weather has cooled off (only 90 today!) our play group is meeting here so we can enjoy the beautiful weather.


Nathan said...

Ellie is super cute, but looks even more so sitting up in a chair with a croissant. I'm afraid she's not going to know what to do when it gets down to 40 degrees in the Netherlands; or even at 55 like it is in the Hague

CuracaoChick said...

Aw! So cute!!!


layla said...

i have recently moved to khartoum my daughter is 2 years old looking for a playgroup for my daughter my email address is if u r still meeting please contact me