Sunday, October 29, 2006

Safari Babies

(I'm feeling overwhelmed at posting safari pictures, so I thought I'd post just a few at a time. When you see us, we'll be happy to show you the hundreds of photos we have if you still want more!)

Kenya is south of the equator, so we were on safari in the springtime, just in time for a crop of babies.

A tiny new giraffe nursing in the evening.

Our guide, Morrison, thought this zebra foal was about a month old.

Morrison explained to us that we got a good view of this warthog family
because the babies were too tiny to run away from us, and the parents wouldn't abandon them. We were particularly struck by the parallel with our own family and feel certain their oldest warthog must be off at college.

The mother elephant lumbered by very close to us, maybe just fifteen feet away. We all were smitten by the baby. Morrison told us the baby couldn't be more than about a week old.

And of course, we had our own baby along.


JaNel B. said...

What a great experience!
The babies are precious especially your little one.

Nathan said...

Wow, that is cool that you got to be so close to the animals.