Monday, September 04, 2006

Strolling along the Nile

There are not really public parks in Khartoum. There are a few playgrounds around that you can pay an admission to enter and there are some restaurants where the real attraction is not the food but the pleasant garden you sit in to drink your coffee or soda. Most well-to-do Sudanese join clubs that have lawns and trees as well as restaurants and pools, and they go there on the lazy afternoon. But there is not really an open, public area where you can go just to enjoy a beautiful day.

Except for the Nile. There are sidewalks and even some lawn along the Nile, and there always seems to be a wonderfully cool breeze blowing off the river. It is a favorite spot for picnicking on weekends.


CuracaoChick said...

It looks so pretty. I wish I could come visit.

PS. Still haven't found an Arabic class that I can take that's not $

Nathan said...

Just be careful not to get caught up in a sudden rainstorm - my but that Nile can flood!