Wednesday, September 13, 2006

John Garang

About a month ago, it was the anniversary of the death of John Garang in an airplane accident. He is, largely, the reason our family is here in Sudan. His charisma and vision were key elements in forging the peace in southern Sudan. People were afraid the peace would fall apart with his death, but it is a tribute to him that it has endured.

On the anniversary of his death, there were candlelight vigils and banners and posters up everywhere, even here in Khartoum. David has watched some of the banners getting progressively more and more tattered in the month since then, so he and Ed finally went out together and liberated the last unshredded banner.

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Nathan said...

That is a nice tribute that the man who forged the peace can have it hold without the force of his personality to maintain it. Hopefully it will continue. We sure love you.