Thursday, August 10, 2006

Emma, Lucy, and Emma Lucy

Four days ago we went to the Khartoum American School to register for a year at KAS. The business manager flicked through our folders, calling our names as she passed each of our files. She had called me Emma, which I expected, so I told her I went by Lucy. She looked at me, surprised. "Why, we have another Lucy! What grade are you going into?" she asked
"Seventh," I answered.
We were informed that I was in the same class as Lucy. When mom suggested I go by Emma, we were informed that the other Lucy had a younger sister named Emma.
It's rather ironic. I've been in classes twice as big, and grades usually more than five times as large as the fifteen student seventh grade at KAS, but never before have I met another Lucy, let alone one in my very class, with a younger sister of my first name! We're going to visit Emma, Lucy, and their older brother who is Ed's age later today. I'm not sure yet whether Lucy is amused or annoyed about the name coincidence, but I sincerely hope it is the former.
Off to buy bananas and oranges, unless Ed is too busy to come along...

The next day...

Actually, Ed was too busy to come, so I couldn't get produce yesterday. Mom got it while I was at Emma and Lucy's house. Lucy was amused about the names, just as I had hoped. Every time Emma called for Lucy, we both looked around and said "Which one?"
I'm looking forward to spending a year with Lucy and the rest of the class she described. It sounds like a fun and interesting class. Now it's five days until school, we've got to start waking up earlier than ever, a little bit closer to five than to ten...


Princess said...

Right now Emma is the most common name (or second) name for girls in the United States. Lucy is not on the list, but can't be too uncommon. However, Lucy, you are uncommonly cool.

If you need, you could try Tabor or Zietl as names. I bet none of your classmates have those names. I'd also offer Regis Pancho, but that's the prenatal name for our next baby.

Nathan and Alicia

Uncle Jim said...


I have a friend, named Tony, whose 1 yr old daughter is named Lucy. Coincidentely, Tony works for the same law firm your dad worked for in Seattle.

I hope you enjoy your new school. But I'm with you, getting-up early is a drag.


Sam said...

I guess it wouldn't really work for them just to call you "Sudan Lucy," would it?

: )