Sunday, July 30, 2006

I love Sabco!

One of the challenges of living in a new country is figuring out where to get what you need. Since we got here, I have twice made pancakes and both times was reduced to flipping them with a spoon. It works, but I decided I really wanted a pancake turner, and I wanted a nylon one so it wouldn't damage the finish of a nice pan David got me. We have two kitchen supply stores near us, but they each had only one metal pancake turner. I had also checked 3 other kitchen supply stores in Al Amarat, but none of them had any nylon utensils. So, David drove me to Khartoum 2, the next neighborhood over, to Sabco. It is an amazing kitchen supply/children's bike store (the combination seems standard--three of the five kitchen supply stores I checked in Al Amarat sell children's bikes too) that has lots of things and lots of really good things. It's where we finally found flatware sets that included table knives. And I found a nylon pancake turner! (Plus a bread knife so we don't smash our bread every time we try to slice it.)

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