Friday, June 30, 2006

Egyptian post office and Pizza Hut

Yesterday we did Arabic in the morning and then ran errands—post office (in a warren of cramped, flaking-paint, dirty government offices), bank, and bookstore to find a guidebook to help us make the most of our extended stay here. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut, a welcome little spot of Americana, although here it’s kind of a posh feeling place. Ruth noticed that none of the employees was wearing a hijab! The wait staff adored our babies and even took Isaac back to the kitchen to meet the manager. We’re completely used now to the mobile phones being whipped out to take photos and videos of Isaac and Nora.

We had planned to go to a nice restaurant for dinner, but a tandem temper tantrum as we were leaving dissuaded us. Instead, we spent the evening preparing lessons and talks for church tomorrow.

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